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Product Code ds1930403

Red Mashru Silk Ajrakh Triple Block Dupatta

1450 Per Piece

 1450 Per Piece

Handicraft Dupattas

Ajrak Dupatta

Mashru Silk

*Colours may vary slightly due to a difference in fabric and digital colours*

Ajrakh is usually found in Kutch (Gujarat) and Barmer (Rajasthan). Woodblock stamps are used to create different geometric patterns that are transferred onto the fabric using natural dyes, including vegetable and mineral dyes. The most common colours used include blue, red, black, yellow and green. One of the most common dyes used for this type of printing is indigo. Ajrak has been dated back to Mohenjo-daro, where the kings and royals have been shown wearing similar prints to those observed in ajrak patterns today. The beauty of ajrak is in its simplistic yet elegant patterns and natural texture. This fabric is a manual screen print fabric, and not hand block print or machine screen print.